Jennifer O. Salvador

Hon. Jennifer O. Salvador
City Councilor

Councilor Jennifer Salvador has always been very compassionate, goal-oriented, hardworking and friendly.

Known as the "Action Lady" to many of her conctituents, Jeni has shown assertiveness and dedication in every task and situation; and is responsive to the problems that need immediate solutions.

As a woman of principle and intellect, she engaged herself in campaigns rooted in her various advocacies.

These include education, honest and efficient governance, women empowerment, and most importantly, environmental awareness.

Councilor Jeni's track record shows she has made a huge impact in the environmental state of the City.

She has authored the city's Anti-plastic Ordinance and has devoted much time and effort in caring for the environment.

She has known excellent work ethics from Day One and her work does not end when the day does.

She is reliable and kind, funny and simple, and her humility makes her shine even brighter. As a friend, public servant and everyday neighbour, Councilor Jeni is loved by many because of her heart for service and camaraderie.

The daughter of Benjamin Acosta Salvador and Rebecca Adorna Olofernes, Councilor Jeni was born June 1, 1973 in San Jose City.